All Our Moroccan Leather products are handmade by Moroccan Artisans in fez city Morocco ; our company “Moroccan Artisans Factory” uses naturally treated raw leather; processed traditionally by hand in the old tanneries fez with natural substances; to make its unique and beautiful leather products.

Natural Material

Our company uses natural Eco-friendly leather. From the tanneries of fez which are famous for their traditional tanning processes;

All our products, are handmade using only naturally treated and tanned leather by a skillful and well-versed team of craftsmen in the leather industry, who are knowledgeable about the Moroccan leather’s secrets;;

Colors of the leather products can be slightly different from reality due to the artificial light.

Our Moroccan Leather products guaranteed against material faults or workmanship faults also their colors are water resistant.

Delivery & SHIPMENT

Our company” Moroccan Artisan Factory” has an excellent reputation; we have a partnership and contracts with the best shipping companies, (CONTAINERS, DHL, FEDEX, TNT, POST…); that will deliver your order safely in a short period of time.

Also, you can track your order all the way, by the tracking number which the shipping company will provide you with.

If the shipped order was lost then the Insurance Company will be in charge of the financial compensation.

If you’ve made a mistake on your order or your address; just contact us and let us know about it and we shall take care of it in no time.

Online ORDER

Our leather products are ordered online

At   www. moroccan-leather-bags.com.com

Or by E-mail: contact@moroccan-leather-bags-manufacturers.com



The Orders payment is done via credit cards

Full Payment in advance.

In case of Cancellation of an order, there will be no refunds.



The Moroccan tiles factory is dedicated to keeping your details private