Moroccan Leather poufs: Characteristics & Usages for Interior Design

Moroccan Leather poufs: Characteristics & Usages for Interior Design

Are Moroccan Leather Poufs suitable as interior design?

Moroccan Leather pouf is the new fashion in the worldwide interior design by excellent. Due to the fact that they add a very chic yet elegant touch tour interior.  It is made of genuine leather extracted mainly from goatskin because it is so soft & smooth and brings relief while sitting on it. Moroccan Leather Pouf goes from many steps starting with tanning the hides until creating a well-designed pouf by the Moroccan Professional Craftsmen.

Characteristics of Moroccan Leather Pouf: 

Leather poufs own many characteristics and advantages, their puffed structure gives the person a very deep relief and relaxation. Besides, they are medically recommended because they are made of leather and also because they help to minimize the pain of back and legs.

They have a good smell because they are treated only with the natural process that includes the natural herbs and ingredients. This latter makes the color last forever the more it gets old the more the color looks ancient and descent. Moreover, Moroccan Leather Pouf is easy in terms of cleaning just by using a cream or oil as the Moroccan proverb  “Leather survives from oil”.

Brilliant Usages for Moroccan leather poufs:

Use it as a support for the feet 

Leather poufs can be as helpful as a footrest; it enhances the circulation of the blood of the feet while laying them on it. As well as reducing the pressure on legs, it also helps in preventing blood clots related to deep vein thrombosis. Besides, minimize the pressure on the lower back, also decrease varicose veins.

Additional Seating: 

Leather poufs are perfectly suitable to use them as an extra setting. Besides, they are great around the table like chairs which add an authentic look to the interior design. In addition, they are good also for the bedroom, in order to put needed stuff on them or sitting on them from time to time.

Bed for pets  

It is a brilliant idea to use Moroccan leather pouf as a bed for pets. It is originally of leather, which is great for their health. They won’t take so much space from the room which is a good advantage.

Some details about the Moroccan leather poufs 

Leather poufs are available in multiple colors such as Chocolate, Metallic Brown, Pistachio, and other amazing colors.  They are hand embroidered with silk threads & hand-stitches in white.

For stuffing, there are multiple choices like a blend of cotton or polyester to make it comfortable. Leather pouf really smells good since it went from the process of tanning in Chouara Tannery.

Some Features of Moroccan leather poufs 

  • 100% Leather from goatskin.
  • Approx. size: diameter 53 x 28 cm (21 x 11 inches).
  • contains a zipper in the underside for stuffing
  • available in multiple shapes
  • Approx. size: Size: 16″ in Diameter, 12″ In Height.