Moroccan Leather pencil case – Chic & classy

Moroccan Leather pencil case – Chic & classy

Moroccan Leather pencil case a handmade Moroccan Artisan leather pencil case. It has an artisanal Style that will bring you a very stunning, outstanding look. This smooth, supple, and luxurious pencil case cannot be found elsewhere. As well as Leather pencil case is made from genuine soft leather designed by a professional designer to impress the clients.

Moroccan Leather pencil case is suitable for use as pencil cases or makes up containers. The cases are fully lined with beautiful engraving.  It is really ideal and perfect for storing pens and pencils, cosmetics, small tools or art supplies.

In addition, Moroccan Leather pencil case is perfectly versatile, it boasts a spacious, lined main compartment with zippered closure, with the ability to carry multiple items. Its shape is like a medium-sized rounded tube, it has a classic traditional pouch shape.

Besides, Moroccan Leather pencil case always looks new since the more its leather gets old the more it looks newer.  The Moroccan leather has lots of advantages and appears every time durable. For instance, its rounded shape lets it fits easily into whatever space you have in your bag, messenger, backpack, laptop or business case comfortably.

Moroccan Leather pencil case keeps everything securely safe; it’s incredibly viewed as highly durable and versatile. also, It has multipurpose to hold small accessories & items like pens, pencils, erasers, and also makeup. In other words, it can carry all of your necessities

The most stunning leather pencil case designs

Vintage leather pencil case

Vintage leather pencil case naturally tanned using vegetable, which gives it a perfect shade color. It has a simple, practical and durable design.  Leather pencil case has one main wide zipper compartment, beautified with beige stitches in the sides. Moreover, the design created to impress the selective client’s taste.

Further, vintage leather pencil case can hold markers, pencils, highlighters, rulers. Additionally, the outside closure ensures that all items are safe from damages. This vintage leather pencil case is also suitable as a petite make-up case. Also, It is suitable for all places; university, college & work and so on.

Large leather pencil case

Large leather Pencil Case, made of original Moroccan leather, tanned in the famous tannery of Fez using only natural, herbal methods process. This type of pencil case is durable and perfectly suitable for man and woman. As well as this large leather Pencil Case has one main compartment with zipper; the zip makes sure that all the included stuff are safe inside the case. This lovely Leather pencil case is just incredibly perfect for many usages.