Best Leather travel bag in 2019 for Men & Women

Best Leather travel bag in 2019 for Men & Women

 Authentic Leather Travel Bags of 2019? 

Well, a Leather Travel Bag is the most desired type among all the types of bags. It is made of Genuine Leather Made In Tanneries In Morocco that depends only on the manual process for better results.  Besides, they are made by professionally skilled artisans who add their Moroccan touch on it to give a very unique travel bag.

Leather Travel bags are very suitable for traveling, picnic and even some people use them while going to the gym because they can fit all the necessary items. They have extra storage in the inside that helps carry a lot of things inside it. As well as they last forever due to the Original Leather used in it.

Leather travel bag has long shoulder straps to shift the weight of the heavy items from only hands to entire body to achieve a balance over the body while traveling. And surprisingly, this brilliant idea of carrying travel bag in this way actually gave people a great feeling of ease and comfort.


Kilim Leather travel bag 


Kilim Leather travel bag is an Authentic, subtle but noticeably classy to impress everyone travel leather bag with a sophisticated blending between Moroccan leather and woven rug fabric accompanied by contrast stitching. Besides, it has the intake to hold everything starting from clothes, travel gear, and heavy items. It is the most stylish bag that is able to add an authentic touch to the appearance.


leather travel bags in vintage-shaped


are extra-large, made of the high-quality leather. Tanned in the traditional way using natural processes & ingredients such as poppy seeds, saffron. It is durable, robust with an antique look. The vintage travel bag is really so ancient for people authenticity. Besides, it doesn’t look so big in terms of shape but though it can contain plenty of things.


weekender leather travel bag : 


weekend leather travel bag durable and stand the fashion of nowadays. Handmade of rugged, natural leather by the most Moroccan expert artisans. Designed for short trips. It is large enough to hold your needed clothes while traveling.

Briefly, The Handmade Leather Travel bags are band capacious, practical. And rich, rustic with many functions . Besides, the 100% leather used to construct these bags.  They are characterized by pockets with zipper, to access things quickly without opening the main compartment.
They have also adjustable shoulder straps which can also use in cross body style. Travel bag can be only clean gently with a soft brush, or damp cloth, or oil in case you want to make it a little darker.