Ancient Fez Morocco (culture, Tannery) – Fez Morocco

Ancient Fez Morocco (culture, Tannery) – Fez Morocco

Fez Morocco is considered as one of the most incredible cities in Morocco. It is an ancient city that still remains the medieval heritage and legacy. It is known for its fascinating culture, economy, palaces and tanneries, and the beautiful life of Local people.

The culture in Fez Morocco

The culture of Fez is based on a variety of legacies and customs, a mixture between the Islamic, Jewish and Moorish culture. This coherence really enriches Fez Morocco in a very positive way. Moreover, people in Fez are very conservative to the norms and traditions, which is a rare habit. Elder people are still wearing Jellabas on Friday and buy new clothes in each Islamic holiday. As well as, Fez Morocco is a better place to witness and live many new experiences.

The economy of Fez Morocco

The economy in Fez depends on handicraft. In other words, people from Fez are working mainly in the handicraft field like Moroccan Tiles, Moroccan Lamps, Moroccan Leather, Copper, traditional clothes, Moroccan rugs, and Pottery. The craftsmen learn the skills from a very young age to be the Ma’alam (معلم) when he is old. The artisanal handicraft products of Fez are famous in the worldwide because they represent a mixture of the craftsmen and the ancient beauty.

Fez Morocco tannery

Fez tannery is one of the most ancient places in the worldwide.  It is a unique place in which people can see the entire process of treating the hides of cows, and sheep turning them into the best leather products. Chouara Tannery of Fez contains a huge amount of stone vessels, built in the ground. This latter in which the workers treat the hides’ very carefully by using natural ingredients in multiple colors. In the end, the final leather is complete for sold in markets then turning into amazing bags, shoes, coats, hats, and jackets.  This amazing place really worth visit, because it still depends on the ancient process from the medieval ages.

All in all, Fez Morocco owns many amazing and outstanding places for visitors to see. It is also a suitable place for living in terms of everything. It is really a better place to spend good times, lives a new experience, tries a new lifestyle and discovers new kind of amazing

Fez Morocco is one of the most incredible cities in Morocco.  It an amazing medieval city in which a person can spend good times live a new experience. Moreover, try a new lifestyle, and know new kind of lovely people.