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Welcome to Moroccan leather bags manufacturers

We are the “Moroccan artisans Factory” company.

Our company was founded and located in Fes city; we invest in the Moroccan Leather Tanneries of Fez; also we use this raw Moroccan leather in our bags and everything concerning Moroccan bags and locally handcrafted leather products that we sell in our store or online.

We believe that leather is a vivid fashion item; besides to its durability; it adds an authentic touch to your casual or formal appearance. And as they say «Accessories are a powerful statement of style». Therefore, we” Moroccan leather bags”, provide you with the best quality leather products from purses to shoulder bags and travel bags, unique; creative goods to empower your style. Our bags are Available in multiple shapes, sizes, and colors; artistically handmade by professional craftsmen using a 100% naturally treated and tanned Moroccan leather. We use all sorts of animal skins.

All kinds of bags are available on our website.

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