5 Types of Moroccan leather backpack – The stylish design

5 Types of Moroccan leather backpack – The stylish design

Moroccan leather backpack has a Neat & classy look that will never go out of style. Besides, It is the perfect companion for all occasions, crafted from pure and original Moroccan leather. Designed gracefully to suit all ages and segments, with inspiration.  Moroccan leather backpack cleverly combines between the ancient and the modern tradition.

Hence, backpacks are available in hundreds of amazing styles from professional to casual leather backpacks that are perfectly suitable for work, traveling, trip, School & Daily usage.

Types Of Moroccan leather backpack

1. Boho Leather Backpack :

Boho style Moroccan Leather backpack made in Fez the well-known city of high-quality leather. The Boho style contains one main compartment accompanied by a strong thread closure, This compartment can contain many items. Besides, it has also a top flap with a brass catch snap.
The outside of the backpack is sometimes detailed with two side pockets and a front pocket with a snap closure or just a big front pocket. Pockets are suitable to contain phone, cards, accessories, and small items. Boho style Moroccan leather backpack is available in beige, brown, light brown and dark brown.

2. Rucksack  Moroccan leather backpack :

Rucksack Moroccan leather backpack has zipper closure of the main compartment. Rucksacks have a piece of pure woven Berber carpet at the front. Also, This design has a thread closure and a flap with amagnetic snap closure. This elegant Moroccan leather backpack has shoulder straps and hand strap to make it perfectly comfortable. Besides, it is available brown dark, brown, dark beige, light beige.

3. Vintage Moroccan Leather Backpack

Vintage Moroccan Leather Backpack is made by talented craftsman using the high-quality of original leather. Designed cleverly with a perfect vintage shape that gives plenty of space inside to store many items. As well as This style has one main compartment with leather ties covered by a flap. Besides, pockets in the back and in the front. This vintage style backpack has two shoulder straps for comfortable use.

4. Moroccan Leather Backpack Style Handbag :

Moroccan leather Backpack in a handbag style; a very classy medium size backpack in the shape of a leaf. The design perfectly and cleverly created to impress all the ages. Besides, It has one top flap leaf design for closure. Besides, this tyle has straps for easy use. It also includes a small pocket with zipper at the back for small items. Hence, This valuable backpack is suitable for casual occasions, travel, hanging out and so on.