Moroccan Leather Bag

Your stylish outfit starts now with our Moroccan Leather Bag of collection, genuine and real Leather Bags.
Our Designers add a magical artistic touch to Moroccan leather bags to look elegantly and stylishly fashionable.
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Moroccan Genuine Leather Bag

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One of our main objectives is to obtain the finest products related to leather bags in the world's market. Therefore we care about the smallest details in terms of raw materials and the method of handicraft.

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Moroccan leather is one of the premium excellent leather in worldwide supermarkets, our Leather is extracted from dead animals, and tanned in one of the most visited spots in Fez, Morocco which is called Chouara Tannery ”دار شوارة للدبغ” one of the oldest tanneries in the world that still rely on the ancient processes. Our Moroccan leather is treated by professional artisans who soak leather in various vats to wash it with natural materials several times to get rid of the bad smells, then tanned it with natural pigments to last so long.

Moroccan leather bags & Moroccan leather poufs are the leading now in top fashion trends since they are made of original genuine leather by professional craftsmen and designers. our online manufacturer suggests various kinds of elegant exclusive selection of our bags that present fashionable & chic bags, for instance, vintage backpack, authentic pencil case, Leather Messenger Bag, Leather Satchel Laptop Bag without forgetting the Moroccan leather poufs for interior design.

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Get a serious and stylish look in the office with our exclusive Leather Bags that are handmade for you to look fabulous and fashionable in an irresistible way.

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